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Draw All Night Main Artwork Created by Andrei @drawworking
Draw All Night Logo Brand

The Brief

We're so glad you’re here... It means you're ready to imagine what Powered By Eikon means to you!

The challenge is simple: Interpret what "Powered By Eikon" means to you and bring it to life in your own unique style. Paint, draw, collage... We’re looking for some powerful artistic expression. Our only expectation of you is; go deep, have fun, be you.

Submissions start January 24th and Close February 11th, 2022.
Voting starts February 14th and End February 22nd

Want to know what "Powered By Eikon" means to US?

The Details

The Submission Requirements

Artwork Guidelines

The Voting Process

What Happens If You Win?

The Fine Print

How To Participate in #DrawAllNight

1. Create

Do what you do best; in your preferred drawing/painting medium, in your own style.

2. Enter Contest

Go to the submission page to upload an image of your artwork and complete the entry form.

3. Spread the Word

Challenge other artists, and let your friends and followers know that you’ll need their vote!

To Draw or Not to Draw, THAT is the Question...

By now you should be considering whether you’re going to enter this art contest... or not.

Should you take your precious time to draw on this theme?

You can't win, if you don't play...

Not ready to start drawing?

We’ll send you updates about the contest and reminders for deadlines.

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